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This is Socking Evidence against Google for Felony Spying Crimes committed against me.

I have collected over 300 pages of evidence against Google and Microsoft for committing felony crimes against me, my sister, my brother, my friends, my daughter, my employees, etc.

They both also illegally broke into my computers and Blogs over 200 times over the last seven years. Plus, Microsoft is still holding my emails hostage.

I have sent all of this evidence to the USA DOJ, and to a Congressman and a USA Senator.

Of all of the evidence I have collected from evil Google and Microsoft's crimes against me and my family, below is the "smoking gun" of illegal spying.

Please notice in the screen shot below, there are 3 logins for me.

Me with the check mark, and two Google or one Google and one Microsoft spies.

I guess Google and Microsoft decided that they needed to double team me. Also the "fake spy Mac" is using Google Chrome, which shows how stupid my spies are. I would never use Google Chrome, and it is not even loaded on my computer. 2.5 years ago Google illegally spied on me using Google Chrome. They even turned my webcam on after I had turned it off, and this happened multiple times.

Then after I busted Google for the 100th plus time, my relentless criminals could not give up, so they attacked me with more viruses and spyware. Please see screen shot below.

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