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Re: Please arrest the Google and Microsoft CEO's today, they will not stop attacking me.

On Saturday, September 24th, 2022 at 10:13 PM, <> wrote:

Hello, Now Sundar Pichai's goons in West Java, Indonesia illegally broke into my Gmail account again, exactly how they did it back on July 12, 2020. Please see the screen shot evidence of their new illegal break-in tonight. Previously they pretended to login on my son in law Alfredo's iPhone. Alfredo never logged into my Gmail account, just like I did not login tonight. This just proves how extensive these criminals spying is. They spy on me, my daughter, my sister, my brother, my workers, my friends. They are relentless criminals that will not stop until they are in prison where they belong. It scares me if they are doing this to USA Congressman and Senators, Governors and State Attorney Generals, etc. If I ever login into Gmail, I stay 1-2 minutes and quickly log out. Because I know if my Gmail account stays open for 9 hours it gives the Google criminals a chance to attack me, which they did tonight with their login 9 hours ago. So they have been inside my Apple Mac computer causing terrible performance problems for my computer. When they break in into my Gmail with this fake login, they know exactly where I am. I am not hiding from them, I am their victim. I will tell everyone about the heinous felony crimes they have committed against me, and they just think that committing more felony crimes against me will make me stop. The DOJ must arrest these criminals today. Tom Forrest

Please see below that two people are illegally spying on me.

Google and Microsoft busted again for illegally spying on me for over 200 times.

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