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How many people is Google illegally spying on? Why is the USA government not stopping Google?

My daughter Audrey and I have never been to Indonesia. Please notice the screen shot below is an evil Google spy in Indonesia illegally spying on our Gmails. Also notice the top right hand corner, it says "Paused", only a Google employee can do that. Please click here to see 50+ pages of evidence of Google committing multiple felony crimes against me, my sister, my brother, my daughter, my workers and my friends. Google employees illegally broke into my business computers and websites, and my Blogger account hundreds of times. Each break in is another felony crime committed against me by Google.

Please click below to learn more and see detailed evidence against Google.

This screen shot below is the "smoking gun" of illegal spying. It shows that even after I switched all my devices to Apple, Google and Microsoft were still breaking into my Gmail and attacking me on my Apple computer, they could spy on me and control my mouse. Notice how it shows me, and two people illegally spying on me.

Now I canceled my Gmail account, yet I know these criminals are figuring out new ways to attack me and my family.

I want Justice, and I want to the DOJ to arrest the CEO's of Google and Microsoft.

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