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Google and Microsoft Spy / Crime operations in Indonesia.
Controlled by Google and Microsoft CEO's to illegally spy on USA Citizens.

Tom Forrest

Sep 23, 2022

When will the DOJ arrest the Google and Microsoft CEO's?

I busted Microsoft illegally spying on my emails in Outlook.
So now I have an Apple computer, and use Proton Mail.
Google and Microsoft have secret spying/crime operations in Indonesia. The USA FBI cannot arrest people in Indonesia without the approval of the corrupt Indonesian government.
The leaders of this illegal spying operation in Indonesia are the CEO's of Google and Microsoft.
I sent over 300 pages of evidence to the DOJ.
I do not trust the DOJ, so I sent copies of all my evidence to Congressman Jim Jordan and Senator Bill Hagerty.

Google and Microsoft use their control over the windows and android operating system to spy on anyone and their private documents.
Since they can come into your windows computer or and android phone, their illegal spying cannot be detected by any Anti-Virus/Spyware program, not Norton, Not McAfee, etc. Nothing ...
So if you want to be safe from illegal spying, then you must switch 100% to Apple devices.

Best regards,

Tom Forrest

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